Pick your poison

‎”what do you want more,being appreciated but neglected or being cared for but unappreciated?pick your poison.”


Jack of all trades

‎”it’s nice to be a jack of all trades but it’s better to have a mastery of one than to be a master of none.”

Reflection of who you are

‎”a friend is a just mere reflection of who and what you really are.”

The Great pretender

‎”mahirap magpanggap na banyaga sa sarili mong bayan” // “it’s hard to pretend that you’re a foreigner in your own country”

Reasons to hate

“we don’t hate others because of simple reasons, we hate them because they have something that we don’t have”


“people want to change everything even though they can’t do it but give them a chance to change something even though they can,they won’t do it”


“you can try and fill the void and yet you’ll still be nothing to them”


“in everything you do in life make sure you always put your worst foot forward so that if things didn’t go as planned you’ll still have your best foot and nobody knows about it except for you”

money can buy everything

“money can buy everything in this world but like money, it will not last forever.”

blood water

“blood is thicker than water but the water runs smoothly than blood”

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